We would like to welcome Sher.ly as a part of our portfolio. Sher.ly allows simple and extremely fast file collaboration. It is a  local file cloud solution, it is also a new paradigm of network based file system. Create a group that you would like to share files with, add members, add files and you’re done. Simple as that. Sharing is done in your network and none of the files need upload nor download.

Sounds impossible? Well with sher.ly it is not. Sher.ly is new vehicle for network file system which is up to 20x faster than CIFS & Samba which are used today. Features end-to-end encryption and BYOD (Bring your own Device) support with an endpoint data management. It makes business owner in control of every step.

Founders are Błażej Marciniak and Marek Ciesla. “It’s all about the speed and control” as they say. Sher.ly makes file sharing extremely fast. It pushes network to new level of performance. Beta version for Windows will be available shortly which will be followed by releasing the Mac, Linux, and mobile versions. NAS and other storage platforms are also on the way. You can sign up for beta on their website.

Not only performance of file sharing is increased but also the security. Only the people in the group can access files; there is no public sharing possible. Groups can be created and managed only by data owners.

Sher.ly is the 10th company that settles in our portfolio. We are ready to start working with them and we hope it will be a good collaboration. We are also hoping that this year our portfolio will grow a bit more and more companies will join. If you are looking for funding be sure to check the funding page.