Today we announced our third batch of ACCELERATE. The first two batches were incredible. We met remarkable entrepreneurs. Startups, we had the chance to work with during our customer development workshops, had some bold visions. With the third batch we are confident that we made the right decision to include and acceleration program in our investment process. If you would like to apply for ACCELERATE, please visit this page.

Opening up the application process is always very exciting. We never know who will decide to take a leap forward and dive into the startup roller coaster. What do we expect from entrepreneurs applying for batch number three? First of all we expect more. More engagement; more passion; more “awesomeness”.  We decided to raise the bar even higher, because we really want to work on some big visions. Said that, we also have narrowed the spectrum of markets to Software as a Service. Software is eating the world. We believe that SaaS is a paradigm shifting business model and it will impact many markets across numerous industries. To give you a perspective; there are more than 200M businesses around the world. You might argue if all of them need software, but as the technological revolution progresses it will be harder and harder to justify not using some sort of software at those businesses.

The potential market for SaaS products is huge, but it is not the only reason why we think SaaS is Sexy. We believe that you can start building a global SaaS business from anywhere in the world. With todays resources there are no reasons why the next Salesforce, Basecamp or, could not be started in Poland. This is a unique opportunity and we are focused on taking an advantage from it.

I wish all the teams good luck and  see you during the interviews.