Vitaly Golomb

An award-winning designer and a leading user experience and online marketing expert. Vitaly has founded several technology and professional services companies, advised a number of successful startups, and lead successful projects for many well-known brands. Vitaly is the Founder and CEO of Keen Systems, a venture-backed ecommerce and ERP platform for the $640B world-wide printing industry. The first cloud-based solution of its kind and the youngest company to win the most prestigious technology award in the print industry, InterTech. Vitaly also serves as a Mentor at 500 Startups based in Silicon Valley and Innovation Nest Accelerate based in Poland. Previously, Vitaly was the head of Sputnik Integrated, a full-service design and marketing agency with multiple offices. Under Vitaly’s leadership, the agency grew to a multi-million dollar run-rate while attracting world-class talent and landing projects with Electronic Arts, Evernote, FedEx, HP, LookSmart, Namco, Stanford University, Datran Media, Oakland Raiders and many startups. Prior to Sputnik, Vitaly completed a successful turnaround in the print space and was a user experience lead at an enterprise software firm funded by Cadence, HP and Flextronics.