Hendrik van der Meer

Hendrik has the both big company (Intel and Broadcom) and startup experience to add perspective to any situation. Starting out at Intel right after getting his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Texas in Austin, he got a breath of experience in different roles from engineering, sales, marketing and business development. While at Intel he started a company called Skybuzz to take advantage of trend to mobile devices with screens. Even though the company never did take off, he learned a lot and got his taste for startups. After leaving Intel he joined Gigle Networks and brought in all the customers that eventually led to the $75M acquisition by Broadcom. First making sure there was a clean transition of Gigle’s customers over to Broadcom, he left and cofounded his second startup called Vilynx (faster uploading, finding and sharing of your personal videos). At Vilynx he is President and manages all the marketing and business related activities.